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Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection (for education and business) :

Say good-bye to malware-viruses-exploits: This is the only solution that you will need! Offered as a cloud service it uses seven technologies combined in one unified agent to provide superior defense-in-depth: Click here for more info: Endpoint Protection

We can provide you with up to 3 month trial. Please send us an email:  


Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection & Response

With added features, such as flight recorder that monitors all changes in Windows files/registry, network activities etc and Ransomware Rollback that can recover infected files this makes the best solution available today. Added to this, Endpoint Isolation makes sure that the attack/malware is locked out of the reaming terminals. Click here for more info: Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection & Response

We can provide you with up to 3 month trial. Please send us an email:









* Note that three (3) months trials are subject to approval. At first you will get thirty (30) days and then if required and approved we can extend your trial up to three (3) months.


Our customers include:





* Goverment sector laboratories

* Industrial laboratories

* Commercial and private laboratories

* Small to medium private companies

* Public and private universities

* Assembly and manufacturing plants

* End users



Anton Paar Products Range:

Alcohol Meter

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Beverage Analysis

Coating Thickness Measurement

Cold Flow Properties

Consistency & Ductility

CO₂ and Oxygen Meter

Density Meter


Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

Evaluation Units and Analysis Software

Flash Point

High-Precision Thermometers

Inline Beverage Analyzer

Instrumented Indentation Tester

Laboratory Automation & Robotics

Microwave Digestion

Microwave Synthesis & Synthetic Chemistry

Milling and Grinding

Multiparameter Measuring Systems

Oxidation Stability

Particle Characterization


Process Sensors

Raman Spectrometers




Scratch Tester

Sugar Analyzer

Surface Analysis

Thermal Analysis


Turbidity Meter

Various Petroleum Properties




We provide the following services:


·        Sales, installation and repair of analytical instruments. Service contracts for out of warranty products are also available.

·        Sales, installation and repair of servers for small/medium and large companies. Service contracts for existing equipment are also available.

·        Sales and installation of interactive boards, visualizers, CAD/CAM design software, 3D design software (for both educational and commercial use), educational instruments and microscopes (scientific and professional)

·        Repair of personal computers, laptop/desktop and tablets

·        Remote service options

·        Webpage hosting and design (Eclat Web design Team)